MEDES’2022 Final Program

Time(UTC+2) 20 October, Thursday 21 October, Friday
09:00-09:30 Opening Session

Keynote 3

Countering disinformation in Online Social Networks through multimodal machine learning techniques


Keynote  1

Data Analytics in Learning Systems: From dropout to certification prediction

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Session 5

Internet of Things


Session 1

Advanced Architectures


Session 6

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

12:30-13:00 Lunch Break

Keynote 2

AI-assisted Media Verification in the Age of Disinformation

Session 7

Text processing


Session 2

Knowledge graphs and Graph management

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-15:50 Coffee Break

Session 8



Session 3

Image processing

16:30-16:45 Closing Session

Session 4

Spatial Issues

18:00 ACTV boat 20 to San Zaccaria
18:15-20:15 Excursion
20:15-… Dinner


Session 1, Advanced Architectures

711, Towards Anomaly Detection for Monitoring Power Consumption in HPC Facilities (regular)
Nitin Sukhija, Elizabeth Bautista, Drake Butz and Cary Whitney
3356, A Parallel Processing Architecture to Optimize Runtime in Aggregated SPARQL Queries (regular)
Ahmed Rabhi, Rachida Fissoune, Mohamed Tabaa and Hassan Badir
3512, Towards Data Minimization and Access Control for Immunization Data Sharing (regular)
Siriboon Chaisawat, Chalee Vorakulpipat, Soontorn Sirapaisan and Kajornsak Piyoungkorn
5213, Optimizing Business Processes Through Parallel Task Execution (regular)
Konstantinos Varvoutas, Georgia Kougka and Anastasios Gounaris

Session 2, Knowledge Graphs and Graph Management

3256, Business Insights Using Knowledge Graphs by Text Analytics in Dynamic Environments (regular)
Muhammad Arslan and Christophe Cruz
6979, A Novel Approach to Populate Multimedia Knolwedge Graph via Deep Learning and Semantic Analysis (regular)
Antonio M. Rinaldi, Cristiano Russo and Cristian Tommasino
8879, Towards a Strong Containment for Efficient Matching of Expressive Graph Patterns (regular)
Houari Mahfoud

Session 3, Image Processing

6190, Ownership Protection of Specified Image Data Using Blockchain Technology (regular)
Natsuki Fujiwara and Shohei Yokoyama
8851, Graphene Detection System (regular)
Sankari Balasubramaniyan, Mathieu Thevenin, Frederic Amiel and Maria Trocan
2776, Optimal Conceptualization for Manufacturing Inspection System via Mapping, and 3D Scanning (short)
Yosri Ben Salah, Liu Weiguo, Tian Ailing, Ahmed Ben Hamida, Sallami Lamia and Saber Zerdoumi

Session 4, Spatial Issues

4515, A Multiple Path Routing Model for Quality of Service in Software Defined Networking (regular)
Himanshi Babbar, Shalli Rani, Aman Singh and Gabriele Gianini

6320, Transfer Learning Based Architecture for Urban Transportation Big Data Fusion (short)
Salah Ghodhbani
9769, Multi-line Customized Bus Planner for On-demand Origin-destination Travel Requests (short)
Giacomo Chiarot and Claudio Silvestri

Session 5, Internet of Things

406, IdSM Ontology : An IoT Data Sharing Management Ontology for Data Governance (regular)
Nouha Laamech, Manuel Munier and Congduc Pham
2406, Towards a Discovery Model for the Web of Things (regular)
Juan Alberto Llopis Expósito, Manel Mena, Javier Criado, Luis Iribarne and Antonio Corral
222, About Ergonomics of Computer Interfaces Designing a System: Designing a System for Human Computational Collective Use (short)
Christophe Jouis, Mercedes Orus-Lacord and Steven Pemberton

Session 6, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

2783, Detecting Attacks on Computer Networks using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms (regular)
Lukasz Krolik, Michal Kedziora, Jolanta Mizera-Pietraszko and Ireneusz Jozwiak
3324, Sectorial Analysis Impact on the Development of Credit Scoring Machine Learning Models (regular)
Ayoub El Qadi, Maria Trocan, Thomas Frossard and Natalia Diaz-Rodriguez

376, Swarm-based Meta-heuristics for the Multi-item Newsboy Problem with Budget Constraint (short)
Noomen Selmi, Mohamed Hmiden and Lamjed Ben Said

Session 7, Text Processing

3310, Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Restaurants Customers’ Reviews Using a Hybrid Approach (regular)
Faris Al-Smadi, Bashar Al-Shboul, Duha Al-Darras and Dana Al-Qudah
8174, A Semantic Text Expansion for Paraphrasing Identification in Arabic Microblog Posts (regular)
Bashar Al-Shboul, Duha Al-Darras and Dana Al-Qudah
9887, A New Approach to Unsupervised Text Summarization Based on Topic Modeling Oriented User (regular)
Amal Beldi, Salma Sassi and Abderrazek Jemai
6810, Are Tweets Useful for Assessing Scientific Impact: A Systematic Literature Review (short)
Yusra Shakeel, Rand Alchokr, Jacob Krüger, Thomas Leich and Gunter Saake

Session 8, Classification

2639, Binary Classification Architecture for Edge Computing Based on Cognitive Services and Deep Neural Networks (regular)
Darwin Omar Alulema Flores, Luis Iribarne, Javier Criado, Cristian Chancusig and Sergio Tumbaco
4386, Considerations of Quality Classification for Testing Work in Continuous Integration (regular)
Daiju Kato, Ayumu Shimizu and Hiroshi Ishikawa

7948, Classification of Cyber Attaks on UAVs (short)
Gasri Mohamed Larbi, Korbaa Ouajdi and Bayrem Triki

MEDES 2022 @ Venice








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