• The 13th International ACM Conference on Management of Digital EcoSystems (MEDES'21) November 2021, Hammamet - Tunisia (Virtual Event)

  • Paper Submission Deadline: July 16th, 2021 (CLOSED)

  • Author Notification: August 16th, 2021 (SENT)

  • Hammamet, Tunisia (VIRTUAL EVENT)

Nov. 1, 2021
Nov. 2, 2021
Nov. 3, 2021
09:00-09:30 Opening Session  
09:30-10:30 Keynote talk by
Dr. Payam Barnaghi
(Developing A Digital Platform for Remote Healthcare Monitoring)
Keynote talk by
Dr. Georgios N. Yannakakis
(The Virtuous Loop of Artificial Intelligence and Games)
Keynote talk by
Dr. Johann Gamper
(Key Challenges in Processing Temporal and Time Series Data)
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-13:00 Session
Trust, security, and real-time systems
Big data processing, text analysis, and ontologies
Social and Big Data in 5G/AI Era
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break Closing Session
14:00-15:15 Keynote talk by
Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah
(Leveraging Multimodal Data and AI for Social Good)
IoT and smart technologies
15:15-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-17:30 Session
Applications of machine learning

Session – Trust, security, and real-time systems

  • Real-Time Human Detection Using Spherical Camera for Web Browser-Based Telecommunications (Full Paper) - Kazuma Hayashida, Junya Masuda, and Shohei Yokoyama
  • Trust Modeling in Recommendation: Explicit and Implicit Trust Model Compatibility and Explicit Trust Prediction (Full Paper) - Mehmet Utku Demirci, and Pinar Karagoz
  • A Data Management Platform for Taxi Trajectory-based Tourist Behavior Analysis: Extraction, Integration, and Semantic Enrichment (Full Paper) - Pattama Krataithong, Chutiporn Anutariya, and Marut Buranarach
  • A hierarchical network intrusion detection model based on unsupervised clustering (Full Paper) -Yujie Zhu, Dezhi Han, and Xinming Yin

Session – Applications of machine learning

  • Data-Driven Decision Support for Autism Diagnosis usingMachine Learning (Full Paper) - Sotiris Batsakis, Marios Adamou, Ilias Tachmazidis, Grigoris Antoniou, and Athanasios Kehagias
  • Analysis of Machine Learning Models Predicting Quality of Life for Cancer Patients (Full Paper) - Miloš Savić, Vladimir Kurbalija, Mihailo Ilić, Mirjana Ivanović, Dušan Jakovetić, Antonios Valachis, Serge Autexier, Johannes Rust, and Thanos Kosmidis
  • Analysis and Prediction of Viral Infections using Statistical Model Checking (Full Paper) - Salim Chehida, and Jean-Claude Tshilenge Mfumu
  • Learn2Construct: An automatic ontology construction based on LDA from textual data (Full Paper) - Ahmed Khemiri, Amani Drissi, Anis Tissaoui, Salma Sassi, and Richard Chbeir
  • Norms2Onto: A Novel Automatic Ontology Construction Method Based on Machine Learning Techniques from unstructured and structured corpus (Full Paper) - Amani Drissi, Ahmed Khemiri, Salma Sassi, and Richard Chbeir

Session – Big data processing, text analysis, and ontologies

  • Locality-Aware Workflow Orchestration for Big Data (Full Paper) - Andrei-Alin Corodescu, Nikolay Nikolov, Akif Quddus Khan, Ahmet Soylu, Mihhail Matskin, Amir H. Payberah, and Dumitru Roman
  • A Dynamic and Scalable Enforcement of Access Control Policies for Big Data (Full Paper) - Marco Anisetti, Claudio Ardagna, Chiara Braghin, Ernesto Damiani, Alessandro Balestrucci, and Antongiacomo Polimeno
  • Towards an Ontology-driven Approach to Model and Analyze Microservices Architectures (Full Paper) - Gabriel Morais, Dominik Bork, and Mehdi Adda
  • Unsupervised Topical Organization of Documents using Corpus-based Text Analysis (Full Paper) - Sarkis Sarkissian and Joe Tekli
  • Measure Musical Evolution: Using 'High-Level Features' and Network Science Research Methodology (Short Paper) - Shuyuan Liu, Xinyan Zhou, Hansen Yang, and Feiyan Duan

Session – IoT and smart technologies

  • Smart Collective Irrigation: Agent and Internet of Things based system (Full Paper) - Abdelouafi Ikidid, Abdelaziz El Fazziki, and Mohammed Sadgal
  • A Method for Contribution Measurement in Digital Ecosystem (Short Paper) - Jayesh Guntupalli, Shin Tezuka, Yoji Ozawa, and Hatem Elserafy
  • Defining interactions of WoT servients with causality relations (Full Paper) - Manel Mena, Javier Criado, Luis Iribarne, and Antonio Corral
  • On Modeling Data for IoT Agroecology Applications by means of a UML Profile (Full Paper) - Sandro Bimonte, Amina Belhassena, Pietro Battistoni, Christophe Cariou, Gerard Chalhoub, Juan Carlos Corrales, Jean Laneurit, Rim Moussa, Julian Eduardo Plazas, Robert Wrembel, and Monica Sebillo
  • Almost Linear Semantic XML Keyword Search (Full Paper) - Joe Tekli, Gilbert Tekli, and Richard Chbeir

Workshop – Social and Big Data in 5G/AI Era

  • Investigation on Impression of Streetscape toward Traveling Route Recommendation Considering User Experience (Full Paper) - Cheng Yu Sun, Hiroki Shibata, Lieu Hen Chen, and Yasufumi Takama
  • Position Estimation for Objects in the High Latitude Region of 360° Panoramic Images (Full Paper) - Junya Masuda, Kazuma Hayashida, and Shohei Yokoyama
  • Numerical estimation of new COVID-19 positive cases using time series analysis by machine learning (Full Paper) - Yusuke Takamori, Riku Watanabe, Daiju Kato, Masaki Endo, and Hiroshi Ishikawa
  • Attractive area detection of telemetry corresponding to command (Full Paper) - Yukio Yamamoto and Hiroshi Ishikawa
  • Digital Ecosystem-Based KPI-Driven Railway Communication Network Reporting System (Short Paper) - Peter Panfilov, Alexander Suleykin, and Ahmed Eldarawany
  • Application of Predictive Analytics to Sales Planning Business Process of FMCG Company (Short Paper) - Konstantin Pavlyuchenko and Peter Panfilov

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