• The 11th International ACM Conference on Management of Digital EcoSystems (MEDES'19) - 12-14 November 2019, Limassol - Cyprus

  • Paper Submission Deadline: July 8, 2019

  • Author Notification: August 12, 2019

  • Venue: Miramare Hotel



All details can be found here: http://www.visitcyprus.com/index.php/en/about-us


By plane (to Cyprus)

Larnaca International Airport

The  Larnaca International Airport (LCA) can be reached through European countries (United Kingdom, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Russia, France...).

By Bus (Larnaca to Limassol)

The journey with a Larnaca airport taxi to Limassol will take around 40 minutes depending on the level of traffic. Larnaca airport taxis are charged by the meter, and this transfer will cost cost you around 50€ depending on your final destination. Taxis at Larnaca airport don't have a set fee, instead they charge by a taximeter. Your final fee will depend on the distance between Larnaca airport and your final destination in Limassol, however, the approximate fee will be 50€. You can check the details on the following link: https://www.welcomepickups.com/cyprus/airport-taxi/

By car (Larnaca to Limassol)

From Larnaca airport, taking the public bus to Limassol is your cheapest transportation option. The Limassol airport Express Bus, which takes around 50 minutes depending on traffic, costs only 9€ for a one-way ticket to Limassol. The ticket price from Larnaca airport to Limassol is 9€ for adults, 4€ for children up to 12 years old, and free for children under the age of 3. Tickets can be purchased on the bus, from the driver. The public bus terminal in Larnaca airport is located right outside the arrivals terminal. All you have to do is exit on the Upper Departure Level and follow the clearly marked green signs. The Limassol Express Bus is a direct link from Larnaca airport to Limassol centre, which is very convenient. However, the buses don't run all day, and they only make 2 stops in the centre, meaning you may need to get a taxi from the bus stop to your final destination. You can check the timetable on the following link: http://www.cyprusbybus.com/RouteDetails.aspx?id=163

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