• The 9th International ACM Conf. on Management of Digital EcoSystems (MEDES'17) From 7-10 November 2017, Bangkok - Thailand

  • Paper Submission Deadline: May 20th, 2017

  • Several Special Tracks/Workshops are organized

  • Several interesting topics are addressed (Big data, web, intelligence, security)

  • Several keynotes will be provided during the conference

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A Scalable Framework for Creating Open Government Data Services from Open Government Data Catalog (Invited paper)

Marut Buranarach, Pattama Krataithong, Sirinaree Hinsheranan, Somchoke Ruengittinun and Thepchai Supnithi

A New Two-Layered Architecture for Efficient Situations Management in Smart Environments

Mounir Achouri, Adel Alti, Derdour Makhlouf, Sébastien Laborie and Roose Philippe

Recommendation of Pedagogical Resources within a Learning Ecosystem

Mohamed Ali Ben Ameur, Majd Saleh, Marie-Hélène Abel and Elsa Negre

Hybrid Knowledge Mining Ecosystem (Student paper)

Robin Ghosh, Nicholas Gonzalez, Jessie Walker, Ciji Ramos, Amanuel Gebre and Mohiuddin Hasan

Agent and Consensus Approaches to Microgrid Coordination for Resilience Improvement (Invited paper)

Jin Wei, Robin Roche, Abderrafiaa Koukam, Fabrice Lauri

Social and Big Data in DE Track

SOLA: Stream OLAP-based Analytical Framework for Roadway Maintenance

Takahiro Komamizu, Toshiyuki Amagasa, Salman Ahmed Shaikh, Hiroaki Shiokawa and Hiroyuki Kitagawa

Analyzing Relationship of Words Using Biased LexRank from Geotagged Tweets

Takahito Tsuchida, Daiju Kato, Masaki Endo, Masaharu Hirota, Tetsuya Araki and Hiroshi Ishikawa

Analyzing Travel Behavior Using Multi-label Classification From Twitter

Kazuki Takahashi, Daiju Kato, Masaki Endo, Tetsuya Araki, Masaharu Hirota and Hiroshi Ishikawa

Design of Multiple Modified Features Based on a Map Analysis of Geographical Information

Kentaro Narikawa, Daisuke Kitayama and Kazutoshi Sumiya

Data Management I

Use-based Optimization of Spatial Access Methods

Nikolaos Athanasiou, Michael Vassilakopoulos, Antonio Corral and Yannis Manolopoulos

A High-Level Tool for Enhancing the Performance and Scalability of Open-Source Relational Databases

Nitin Sukhija, Zachariah Miller and Ritu Arora

Hadoop as a Service for Academic Purposes (Short paper)

Ukrit Ruckcharti, Worarat Krathu, Natthawut Atiratana and Chonlameth Arpnikanondt

Mining Domain Similarity to Enhance Digital Indexing (Short paper)

Shilpa Lakhanpal, Ajay Gupta and Rajeev Agrawal

Toward a New Model of Indexing Big Uncertain Data (Student paper)

Asma OMRI, Karim BENOUARET, Mohammed Nazih OMRI, Djamal BENSLIMANE

Data Management II

Proposal of a Brazilian Data Base Government Open Linked Data - Dbgoldbr (Invited paper)

Marcio Victorino, Maristela Terto de Holanda, Edison Ishikawa, Edgard Costa Oliveira, Gheorghita Ghinea, Sammohan Chhetri

Information Architecture Model for Data Governance initiatives in Peruvian Universities (Invited paper)

Luis Felipe Castillo, Carlos Raymundo, Francisco Domínguez Mateos

Alteration Agent for Cloud Data Security (Invited paper)

Sara Rhazlane, Nouria Harbi, Nadia Kabachi, Hassan Badir


Toward a combinatorial analysis and parametric study to build time-aware social profiles

Sirinya On-At, André Péninou, Marie-Françoise Canut and Florence Sedes

3DML: Exploring Microsoft Hololens for Interactive Visualization of UML Diagrams

Anders Mikkelsen, Sondre Honningsøy, Tor-Morten Grønli and Gheorghita Ghinea


Chatbot as an intermediary between a Customer and the Customer Care Ecosystem (Invited paper)

Amit Sangroya, Pratik Saini, C. Anantaram

Semantics/Semiotics I

Analyzing Implicit Aspects and Aspect Dependent Sentiment Polarity for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis on Informal Turkish Texts

Batuhan Kama, Murat Ozturk, Pinar Karagoz, Hakki Toroslu and Murat Kalender

Integrated Ontology Learner: Towards Generic Semantic Annotation Framework

Kidane Woldemariam and Fekade Getahun Taddesse

Keyword Extraction Through Contextual Semantic Analysis of Documents

Terry Ruas and William Grosky

A Dual Aspect Model: Modelling Systems Alignment (Short paper)

Winai Nadee, Stephen Gulliver and Sarah Ali

Semantics/Semiotics II

LBSociam – Lightbase Social Machine on Criminal Data (Short paper)

Eduardo F. Santos and Fernanda Lima

A Model Representation Framework for Biodiversity Descriptors in a Cultivation Area (Short paper)

Watanee Jearanaiwongkul and Frederic Andres


Hybrid Cloud Computing Solution for Streamlined Genome Data Analysis

Jitao Yang

Hybrid Cloud Architecture for Thai Government Agency

Tuul Triyason, Chonlameth Arpnikanondt and Anuchart Tassanaviboon

Cloud-Based Personal Health Information Broker for Emergency Medical Services (Short paper)

Asanee Kawtrakul, Hutchatai Chanlekha, Teerawat Issariyakul and Vasuthep Khunthong

Multimedia 1

Detecting Intrinsic Dissimilarities in Large Image Databases through Skylines

Nikolaos Georgiadis, Eleftherios Tiakas and Yannis Manolopoulos

Music Information Retrieval Community in the Legal Debate over Data Privacy

Francis Rousseaux

Multimedia 2

Multimedia Rescue Systems for Floods

Animesh Sahay, Anjana Anil Kumar, Siripen Pongpaichet and Ramesh Jain

Critical Success Factors in Virtual-Reality Based Marketing Ecosystems

Songyee Han, Gheorghita Ghinea and Tor-Morten Grønli


Autonomic dynamically reconfigurable architectures for future communication systems (Invited paper)

Khalil Drira

GMPLS/MPLS Wireless Networks (Invited paper)

Sahel Alouneh


Verifiable and Resource-Aware Component Model for IoT Devices (Invited paper)

Arthur Gatouillat and Youakim Badr


Personalized Recipe Recommendations for Toddlers Based on Nutrient Intake and Food Preferences

Yiu-Kai Ng and Meilan Jin

Proof of stake Blockchain: performance and scalability for groupware communications

Jason Spasovski and Peter Eklund

Synergy Effect of the TeSLA Project in Management of Engineering Higher Education (Invited paper)

Roumiana Tsankova, Orlin Marinov, Mariana Durcheva, Elena Varbanova

The influence of sponsors on organizational structure of free software communities (Invited paper)

Daniel Esashika and Carlos Santos Jr.

An autonomic traffic analysis proposal using Machine Learning techniques

Fannia Pacheco, Ernesto Exposito, Mathieu Ginese and Cedric Budoin


Automating Job Monitoring System for Ecosystem High Performance Computing (Invited paper)

Kajornsak Piyoungkorn, Natsuda Kasisopha, Phithak Thaenkaew and Chalee Vorakulpipat

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