• The 8th International ACM Conference on Management of Digital EcoSystems (MEDES'16)

  • Paper Submission Deadline: July 20th, 2016

  • Several Special Tracks/Workshops are organized

  • http://medes.sigappfr.org/16/

  • 2-4 November 2016, Hendaye, France


Digital Ecosystems I

A Knowledge-based Approach for Self-healing Service-oriented Applications

Rafael Angarita, Marta Rukoz, Maude Manouvrier, Yudith Cardinale

Socialization and Language Self-Adaptation in Digital Ecosystems

Arianna D'Ulizia, Fernando Ferri, Patrizia Grifoni

The Architecture of Crosschannel Ecosystems - From Convergence to Experience (Short paper)

Andrea Resmini, Flavia Lacerda

Ranking Solar Energy Potential by Class and Country (Short paper)

Michael Kommeh, Rajeev Agrawal, Adeyinka Olurin

Digital Ecosystems II

An Ontology Supporting Planning, Analysis, and Simulation of Evolving Digital Ecosystems

Johannes Biermann, Anna Eggers, Fabio Corubolo, Simon Waddington

ADSEng: A Model-based Methodology for Autonomous Digital Service Engineering

Dhaminda B. Abeywickrama, Eila Ovaska

SOFT WHEEL: An Information System for Optimizing Rice Production (Short paper)

Asanee Kawtrakul, Nicolas Spyratos

Prosumer Centric Digital Energy Ecosystem Framework (Short paper)

Kirsi Kotilainen, Matti Sommarberg, Pertti Järventausta, Pami Aalto

Cloud computing and Security

An Overview of Architectural and Security Considerations for Named Data Networking (NDN)

David Freet, Rajeev Agrawal

A Semantic-Web-Technology-based Framework for Supporting Knowledge-Driven Digital Forensics

Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Giuseppe Pirrò

Formal Proof of Security Algorithms Based on Reachability Reduction

Mohamed Bouziane, Sophie Gire, François Monin, Laurent Nana

A Robust Associative Watermarking Technique based on Frequent Pattern Mining and Texture Analysis

Musab Ghadi, Lamri Laouamer, Laurent Nana, Anca Pascu

Social Media I

CrowdSourced Semantic Enrichment for Participatory e-Government

Francesco Di Mauro, Paolo Pasteris, Maria Luisa Sapino, K. Selcuk Candan, Giovanna Antonella Dino, Piergiorgio Rossetti

A Novel Taxonomy of Opportunities and Risks in Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games

Benjamin Sanders, Jims Marchang

A Survey on Complex Event Definition Languages in Multimedia Sensor Networks

Chinnapong Angsuchotmetee, Richard Chbeir

Leveraging Time for Spammers Detection on Twitter

Mahdi Washha, Aziz Qaroush, Florence Sedes

Modeling Marketing Effort in an Omni Channel World (Short paper)

Christopher Freitag

Social Media II

Social Media and European Cultural Routes: Instagram Networks on the Via Francigena

Aurore Bellens, Nathalie Valmond Le Banc, Fabien Eloire, Natalia Grabar, Eric Kergosien, Marta Severo

Cityzen: a Social Platform for Cultural Heritage Focused Tourism

Alex Carmine Olivieri, Roland Schegg, Maria Sokhn

Sentiment Analysis From Textual to Multimodal Features in Digital Environments

Maria Chiara Caschera, Fernando Ferri, Patrizia Grifoni

Design of Social Network Architecture: A New Approach (Short paper)

Mou De, Anirban Kundu, Nivedita Ray De Sarkar, Anupam Bera

Knowledge Management

Dataset Linking in a Multilingual Linked Open Data Context

Melkamu Beyene, Pierre-Edouard Portier, Solomon Atnafu, Sylvie Calabretto

Collection of HerbalMedicinalProperty Relation Extracted from Texts

Chaveevan Pechsiri, Onuma Moolwat

Integration of Brainstorming Platform in a System of Information Systems

Majd Saleh, Marie-Helene Abel, Veronique Misseri, Claude Moulin, David Versailles

The Next Information Architecture Evolution: The Data Lake Wave

Cedrine Madera, Anne Laurent

Mobile computing

Cloud-based Semantic Platform for Dynamic Management of Context-aware mobile ERP applications

Reffad Hamza, Alti Adel, Roose Philippe

Extracting New Spatial Entities and Relations from Short Messages

Sarah Zenasni, Eric Kergosien, Mathieu Roche, Maguelonne Teisseire

Designing an Ontology-Based Zika Virus News Authoring Environment for the Semantic Web

Edgard Costa Oliveira, Edison Ishikawa, Lucas Hiroshi Hironouchi, Thabata Hellen Granja, Marcos Valério De Almeida Nunes, Daniel Rodriguez, Rafael Batista Menegassi, Luciano Gois, George Ghinea

Falls Detection and Assessment (Short paper)

Noemi Biancone, Chiara Bicchielli, Fernando Ferri, Patrizia Grifoni

Special Track on Computational Intelligence

Meaning-Based Content Word Alignment Heuristic

Éric Poirier

Mining and Visualizing Robust Maximal Association Rules on Highly Variable Textual Data in Entrepreneurship

Frédéric Simard, Josée St-Pierre, Ismaïl Biskri

Towards an Automatic Analyze and Standardization of Unstructured Data in the Context of Big and Linked Data

Hammou Fadili, Christophe Jouis

RDF-4X: A Scalable Solution for RDF Quads Store in the Cloud

Sarra Abbassy, Rim Faiz

Special Session on Energy Management & Smart Grids 

Power Quality Improvement using 4-Wire 3-Level NPC Inverter for Hybrid Energy Storage System Smart Interface to the Grid

Quentin Tabart, Ionel Vechiu

Hit2Gap - Towards a Collaborative Smart Building Management System Solution

Lara Kallab, Pierre Bourreau, Richard Chbeir

Enabling the SmartGrids

Aitor Amezua

Grid Interaction of Nearly Zero Energy Building Targets: a Case Study

Unai Aldasoro

What’s a Building Carbon Footprint? How are Estimated Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Vincent Provot

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