• The 7th International Conference on ManagEment of Digital EcoSystems (MEDES’15).

  • Paper Submission Deadline: May 15th, 2015

  • Special Tracks/Workshops Proposals Submission Deadline: June 20th, 2015

  • http://medes.sigappfr.org/15/

  • 25-29 October 2015, Caraguatatuba - Brazil

  • Big data, web technologies, cloud computing, security, human-computer interactions, artificial intelligence, e-services and self-organizing systems


The conference will be held at Ilha Morena Hotel, Caraguatatuba, SP, Brazil.



About Caraguatatuba

Caraguatatuba is a Brazilian town in the northern coast of São Paulo. The city occupies an area of 485.097 km2. In 2014, the estimate of population was 111,524 inhabitants, resulting in a population density of 229.9 inh/Km².

The city has an annual average temperature of 25° C and the prevailing original vegetation is the Atlantic forest. Its human development index (HDI) is 0.759, which is considered high, if compared to the country (2013).



Rich Social Events

There are a variety of shows that take place during summer (December to January), in the “square of events” with free admission. Eventually, there are shows occurring other times of the year. The Fundação Educacional e Cultural de Caraguatatuba (Caraguatatuba Foundation for Education and Culture) promotes every year the Carnival, with parade of giant dolls, pierrôs, and colombinas in the streets of the city.

Polo Cultural encompasses the Museum of art and culture of Caraguatatuba (MACC), public records of the city of Caraguatatuba "Arino Sant'Ana de Barros", Videoteca "Lucius Braun", and Arts Library. The Museum features the permanent exhibition room where is exposed to an overview of the history of the municipality with photos, texts and curios; Room Caiçara, set with pictures and scenery typical caiçara, housing beyond the house of flour, environment that portrays the artisanal production of cassava flour. The exhibition hall is used for temporary exhibitions of different artistic and cultural manifestations.

Theater Mario Covas with 8 years of activity has an extensive cultural program, receiving events such as exhibitions, performing arts, theater, handicraft, dance, music, folklore, photo and video. The schedule of events can be found in http://2014.fundacc.com.br/


The Beaches

From babies to surfers, there are beaches for everyone in 40 kilometers of coast in Caraguatatuba. In Tabatinga, Cocanha, and Prainha beaches, the calm sea is the preferred by families with children. Massaguaçu and Brava beaches have the best waves in the region. To chime, go to Martin de Sá, with rumble day and night on holidays and high season.

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